Exterminator in Nashville, Texarkana, AR, and surrounding areas

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Lawrence Termite & Pest Control is a family owned business with 40 years of experience in termite and general pest control services. Our company meets all insurance and licensing requirements for the state of Arkansas and Texas. We can provide you with references or any other information that you might need. Our experienced field technicians offer the best customer care for our clients. It is our pledge to deliver quality service and take care of our customer's needs. You can feel confident that you are backed by one of the largest Termite & Pest Control Businesses in SW Arkansas and NE Texas!

Lawrence Termite & Pest Control provides services to Northeast Texas and Southwest Arkansas for all your Termite and Pest Control needs, including Bed Bugs and Guaranteed Fire Ant treatments. Our Lawrence Greenlawn can provide you with many different weed and lawn services, including Hydro mulching yards!

Exterminator in Nashville, Texarkana, AR, and surrounding areas

We provide an environmentally sensitive approach to pest control called Integrated Pest Management (IPM). This method combines common sense with knowledge of how pests interact with their environment. Since not all insects are pests, and some are even beneficial, using Integrated Pest Management allows us to more accurately identify your pests so the appropriate treatment is used. This reduces the possibility of using the wrong kind of pesticides or of using pesticides when they aren't needed. Only the minimum amount is used to get the job done. Another example of our environmentally sensitive approach is using a natural boric acid treatment for construction projects. Also, with a pest control contract, we will regularly monitor your lawn areas, indoor spaces, or outdoor crops (per the contract) to catch pests before they become a threat. Our goal is to provide pest control that has little or no risk to you, your family or employees, your pets, and the environment.

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