Want a Lawn That Makes Your Neighbors Green With Envy?

Choose quality lawn care services in Nashville, Texarkana, El Dorado AR, and surrounding areas

In the Arkansas heat, it can take a little extra help to get a green lawn outside your Nashville, AR or Texarkana, and El Dorado AR home. Our expert lawn care services include weed control, fire ant extermination, fertilization and lawn seeding.

Lawn Care in Nashville, Texarkana, AR, and surrounding areas

Why is hydro-mulching right for your lawn?

Is your lawn feeling the heat of the Arkansas sun? Hydro-mulching helps grow grass quickly and effectively by maintaining moisture around the seeds.

Using hydro-mulching to seed your lawn:

  • Costs less than planting sod
  • Grows grass faster than broadcast seeding
  • Helps prevent erosion, especially on sloping lawns
Ask us how hydro-mulching could transform your lawn into a lush green paradise.

Get rid of pests at the source

When you've worked hard to make your lawn look beautiful, don't let fire ants and other insects destroy it by building nests in your grass. Our extensive fire ant control services are covered by a warranty.

Call 903-824-3500 today to discover how lawn care services from Lawrence Termite & Pest Control can help you achieve the gorgeous, ant-free lawn of your dreams.