Are You Battling Termites in Texarkana?

Choose your comprehensive termite inspection in the Nashville, Texarkana, El Dorado AR, and surrounding areas

Did you know that termites can cause more annual home damage in the Nashville, AR and Texarkana, AR areas than tornadoes and hurricanes combined? You've probably seen what termite-ravaged wood looks like: chewed-up stairs, door frames full of holes or even piles of already-digested wood beside baseboards. Termites love warm, humid climates, so your Nashville, AR or Texarkana, AR home is the perfect place for them to breed and thrive.

Lawrence Termite & Pest Control will perform a thorough termite inspection of your Texarkana, AR or Nashville, AR home or business. We look for signs of termites in your walls, floors, crawl spaces and wood piles-all the places termites like to nest-and treat your property to eradicate the pests at the source.

Termite Inspection in Nashville, Texarkana, AR, and surrounding areas

3 signs you need termite treatment

Early detection is crucial in preventing termite damage from spreading. You should call an exterminator right away if you notice:

  1. Wooden walls or stairs with honeycomb-patterned or pinpoint holes
  2. Wood floors that buckle or sag, or tile that comes loose
  3. Wood that sounds hollow when you tap it with a screwdriver or other tool
Don't let the damage spread. Contact a professional for termite treatment in Texarkana or Nashville, AR.